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Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, Sundocs has fast-tracked some changes to serve patients needs from a distance. 

We have teamed up with Firstcheck (https://firstcheck.me/) to offer a robust, safe and private teledermatology solution enabling us to to see you and give advice from afar through remote consultations. 

How does it work? 

Simply download the Firstcheck app, take a photo of your concerning mole or skin spot, upload the photo and choose Dr David Hassan as your provider. David will review the lesion within 7 days and discuss with you the diagnosis and any treatment if required. 

How to take great photos of your moles and skin spots at home

To improve this system, Sundocs encourages the use of a SkinScope (a smartphone skin magnifier attachment) so you can take and send high quality highly-magnified dermoscopic skin photos to Dr Hassan. 

It’s also important to take photos in good light, holding the camera as still as possible to get the highest quality image possible for review. Take a look at this guide from Firstcheck on how to take the best photos of your moles or skin spots here.

An offer of help from Sundocs

Together with Firstcheck we have created a “starter pack” which includes:

  • a free SkinScope – a dermoscopic attachment for your smartphone. This will allow you to take a professional magnified image to assist in the telediagnosis. 
  • A free consultation with Dr Hassan via the Firstcheck app – we are offering this to encourage this and improve diagnostic accuracy, 

This offer applies for the months of April and May (2020).

Healthcare is changing

The delivery of health care has certainly been altered by Covid-19. However, it is important not to forget that skin cancer still exists and needs to be dealt with in a timely fashion. Please pay attention to your skin and communicate your concerns with us.


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